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Kimberly Hilton
Jazz Vocalist
Kimberly Hilton ~ grew up in the small southern town of Lexington, NC.
She spent a good portion of her childhood at her paternal grandparent’s
house watching classic films and talking with her grandparents about the
good ol’ days of the 1930’s and 40’s. A lifelong love of classic films and
jazz music was born!

From an early age she wanted to be on stage. Kimberly joined the chorus
in middle school and as the solos kept coming she came to realize she
wasn’t half bad at this singing thing. She also became a fixture in school
plays and community theater.

Kimberly went on to pursue music in college. She became very active in
the opera program as well as performing with the Appalachian State Jazz
Ensemble. She also had the good fortune to perform and record with such
great musicians as
Steve Sensenig and Andy Page. She received her
Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education from the Hayes School of Music at
Appalachian State University.

After college Kimberly set her sights on Chicago. During her time there she
sang at Jilly’s and Davenport’s Piano Bar and Cabaret. Later she moved
up the ladder to New York City where she performed at Notaro’s on the
Lower East Side.

In the summer of 2009 Kimberly returned to the mountains of North
Carolina to work with Blowing Rock Stage Company.  She now resides in
NYC where she plans to keep rockin’ the theater and music world as well
as dive into film.

Stay tuned for updates!